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Baker/Pastry Team Member

Tempe, AZ   |   Part Time

As a member of our pastry team, you will be responsible for preparing baked goods, syrups, jams and more at the direction of our Executive Pastry Chef. A commitment to customer satisfaction and a passion for providing consistent quality is a must. You'll be responsible for cleaning and maintaining baking equipment and following all safety and sanitation protocols, and fulfilling large bakery quantities on a regular basis. 


-Measure, weigh, and prep recipe ingredients 

-Accurately and quickly follow recipes

-Knead, roll, cut, and prep dough 

-Decorate, glaze, apply icing, and prep toppings 

-Clean and maintain baking equipment, utensils, and tools 

-Operate slicing, cutting, and wrapping equipment 

-Order and receive supplies and materials

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